Cost to Install a New Furnace

Whether you are replacing a furnace that has seen better days or installing for the first time, it is important to compare the options available for installation professionals, if you want the job completed at a rate comfortable to your budget. How much should you expect to spend on furnace installation? There are a few factors that influence the costs of installation. This includes:

  • Company selected for the job
  • Type of location of installation
  • Type of furnace being installed
  • Time of the year

The Average Cost of Installation

Expect to spend an average of $4,000 for the new furnace and installation, although this is only a rough figure. Some people spend much less than this amount and others pay a considerable amount more. In fact, some higher end furnace models can cost as much as $10,000 to install.  It is all based upon the factors above. So, it is safe to say that you want to compare the different furnace installation professionals before you hire.

Estimates are Important When You need a Furnace Installed

When you’re looking for a furnace installer, be sure to request estimates once you’ve learned more and have added them to the list of possible candidates. Estimates are available at no cost and provide you a written detail of the costs of the job. These estimates can be used to compare costs with other companies so you never feel that you didn’t get the best price for the job.

Although costs of furnace installation vary considerably from one job to the next, this addition is one that you will welcome at your home or business for a long time to come. Simply do your research and compare options to get the job at a price comfortable to your budget.